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3 myths about heritage homes in Kitchener – Waterloo

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Heritage homes in Kitchener and Waterloo are surrounded by myths and misunderstanding. Read through these 3 myths and learn more about heritage home ownership.


MYTH: Designated properties are more expensive to maintain


  • Neglect is expensive – not old buildings.
  • Heritage conservation focuses on minimal intervention.
  • Good maintenance means never having to “restore.”
  • Regular maintenance and repair over replacement (typically less expensive).
  • Recognize the natural aged “patina” and resilience of an older building.


MYTH: I won’t be able to remove wallpaper or change light fixtures because my house is designated.


  • Most designations do not include interior features. Approximately 125 do (Under 2%).
  • Difficult to monitor interior designations if in private hands so tend to be rare (plus the issue of privacy).
  • Rare and unique interior elements (e.g. mantelpieces, trim, ceiling medallions).
  • If “fixed” to real property and has cultural heritage value it can be designated.


MYTH: Designated properties cannot be changed.


  • 97% of all heritage permits sent to the Trust since 2010 were either consents or consents with conditions (using a sample of 500 heritage permits from 28 different municipalities).
  • Queen West HCD in Toronto: 51 heritage permits approved in 2013; 0 denied; 41% of these permits were approved within one week; another 25% approved between 15-30 days.
  • Designation is about “change management” – ‘HOW’ more than ‘IF’.


Read about more myths in the attached PDF.

Source: Kitchener Waterloo Association Of Realtors

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